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AtGames Legends Arcade - Games List

I"m not sure why we have two distinct lists, but this is how it was presented.

Official Games List

Games List
Game Title Publisher Platform
Adventure Atari Console
Aladdin Disney Console
Asteroids® Atari Arcade
Asteroids® Deluxe Atari Arcade
Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja Data East Arcade
Black Widow Atari Arcade
Bloody Wolf / Battle Rangers Data East Arcade
Break Thru Data East Arcade
BurgerTime™ Data East Arcade
Burnin’ Rubber™ Data East Arcade
Centipede® Atari Arcade
Choplifter!™ Coleco Console
Crystal Castles® Atari Arcade
Donald in Maui Mallard Disney Console
Express Raider / Western Express Data East Arcade
Fighter’s History Data East Arcade
Fighter’s History Dynamite / Karnov’s Revenge Data East Arcade
"Fix-It Felix Jr." Disney Arcade
Gravitar® Atari Arcade
Heavy Barrel Data East Arcade
Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the tropics Data East Arcade
Joe & Mac Returns Data East Arcade
Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja Data East Arcade
Jumpman Junior™ Coleco Console
Karate Champ Data East Arcade
Lock ‘n’ Chase Data East Arcade
Lunar Lander Atari Arcade
Magical Drop / Chain Reaction Data East Arcade
Magical Drop III Data East Arcade
Major Havoc Atari Arcade
Millipede® Atari Arcade
Missile Command® Atari Arcade
Peter Pepper’s Ice Cream Factory Data East Arcade
Pong® Atari Arcade
Side Pocket Data East Arcade
Super Breakout® Atari Arcade
Super Burger Time Data East Arcade
Super Real Darwin Data East Arcade
Super Star Wars Disney Console
Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Disney Console
Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Disney Console
Tempest® Atari Arcade
Tetris® Tetris Console
Tetris® Plus 2 Jaleco Arcade
The Astyanax Jaleco Arcade
The Jungle Book Disney Console
The Lion King Disney Console
Tron Disney Arcade
Warlords® Atari Arcade
Yars’ Revenge Atari Console
Numbered Game List
No. Game Title Publisher Platform
1 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe Atari Console
2 64th Street - A Detective Story Jaleco Arcade
3 8 Eyes Piko Console
4 Act-Fancer Cybernetick Hyper Weapon Data East Arcade
5 Adventure Atari Console
6 Adventure II Atari Console
7 Air Cavalry Piko Console
8 Air-Sea Battle Atari Console
9 Aladdin Disney Console
10 Alphabet Zoo™ Coleco Console
11 Antarctic Adventure™ Coleco Console
12 Apocalypse II Piko Console
13 Aquattack™ Coleco Console
14 Aquaventure Atari Console
15 Argus Jaleco Arcade
16 Asteroids® Atari Arcade
17 Asteroids® Atari Console
18 Asteroids® Deluxe Atari Arcade
19 Astro Fantasia Data East Arcade
20 Atari Baseball Atari Arcade
21 Atari Basketball Atari Arcade
22 Atari Football Atari Arcade
23 Atari Soccer Atari Arcade
24 Atari Video Cube Atari Console
25 Avalanche Atari Arcade
26 Avenging Spirit Jaleco Arcade
27 Backgammon Atari Console
28 Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja Data East Arcade
29 Bad Street Brawler Piko Console
30 Basic Math / Fun with Numbers Atari Console
31 Basketball Atari Console
32 Battle Wings / B-Wings Data East Arcade
33 Best Bout Boxing Jaleco Arcade
34 Big Run Jaleco Arcade
35 Birdie Try Data East Arcade
36 Black Widow Atari Arcade
37 Blackjack Atari Console
38 BlackJack / Poker Coleco Console
39 Bloody Wolf / Battle Rangers Data East Arcade
40 Boogie Wings Data East Arcade
41 Bowling Atari Console
42 Brain Games Atari Console
43 Brain Strainers™ Coleco Console
44 Brave Battle Saga Piko Console
45 Break Thru Data East Arcade
46 Breakout® Atari Console
47 Brutal Sports Football / Beastball Piko Console
48 BurgerTime™ Data East Arcade
49 BurgerTime™ Data East Console
50 Burnin’ Rubber™ Data East Arcade
51 Burnin’ Rubber™ Data East Console
52 Canyon Bomber® Atari Console
53 Canyon Bomber® Atari Arcade
54 Captain Silver Data East Arcade
55 Carrier Aces Piko Console
56 Casino Atari Console
57 Centipede® Atari Arcade
58 Centipede® Atari Console
59 Chameleon Jaleco Arcade
60 Champions World Class Soccer Jaleco Console
61 Championship Soccer Atari Console
62 Checkers Atari Console
63 Chess Atari Console
64 Chimera Beast Jaleco Arcade
65 Choplifter!™ Coleco Console
66 Circus Atari® Atari Console
67 Cisco Heat Jaleco Arcade
68 City Connection Jaleco Arcade
69 Cluster Buster Data East Arcade
70 Code Breaker Atari Console
71 Combat® Atari Console
72 Competition Golf Data East Arcade
73 Congo’s Caper Data East Arcade
74 Cosmic Avenger™ Coleco Console
75 Crude Buster Data East Arcade
76 Crystal Castles® Atari Arcade
77 Crystal Castles® Atari Console
78 Cybattler Jaleco Arcade
79 Darwin 4078 Data East Arcade
80 Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum Piko Console
81 D-Day Jaleco Arcade
82 Demons to Diamonds™ Atari Console
83 Desert Assault / Desert Storm Gulf War / Thunder Zone Data East Arcade
84 Desert Falcon™ Atari Console
85 Desert War Jaleco Arcade
86 Destroyer Atari Arcade
87 Disco No.1 Data East Arcade
88 Dodge ‘Em Atari Console
89 Dominos Atari Arcade
90 Donald in Maui Mallard Disney Console
91 Dorke and Ymp Piko Console
92 Double Dunk™ Atari Console
93 Drag Race Atari Arcade
94 Dragonfire™ Coleco Console
95 Dragonview Piko Console
96 Drakkhen Piko Console
97 Dual Assault / Liberation Data East Arcade
98 Dunk Dream 95 / Street Slam / Street Hoop Data East Arcade
99 E.D.F. Earth Defense Force Jaleco Arcade
100 "Edward Randy The Cliffhanger" Data East
101 Eliminator Boat Duel Piko Console
102 Evolution Coleco Console
103 Exerion Jaleco Arcade
104 Express Raider / Western Express Data East Arcade
105 Facemaker Coleco Console
106 Fatal Run Atari Console
107 Fathom™ Coleco Console
108 Field Combat Jaleco Arcade
109 Fighter’s History Data East Arcade
110 Fighter’s History Dynamite / Karnov’s Revenge Data East Arcade
111 Fighting Fantasy / Hippodrome Data East Arcade
112 Fighting Ice Hockey Data East Arcade
113 Fire Truck Atari Arcade
114 "Fix-It Felix Jr." Disney
115 Flag Capture Atari Console
116 Flipper Slipper Coleco Console
117 Football Atari Console
118 Formation Z Jaleco Arcade
119 Fortune Builder™ Coleco Console
120 Frantic Freddy Coleco Console
121 Frenzy™ Coleco Console
122 Frog Pond Atari Console
123 Full Throttle - All American Racing Piko Console
124 Gargoyles Disney Console
125 Gate of Doom / Dark Seal Data East Arcade
126 Generals of the Yang Family Piko Console
127 Genesis / Boomer Rang’r Data East Arcade
128 Golf Atari Console
129 Gondomania Data East Arcade
130 Gourmet Sentai Bara Yarou Piko Console
131 Gravitar® Atari Arcade
132 Gravitar® Atari Console
133 Gun Ball / Nitro Ball Data East Arcade
134 Hachoo! Jaleco Arcade
135 Hangman Atari Console
136 Haunted House® Atari Console
137 Heavy Barrel Data East Arcade
138 Home Run Atari Console
139 Homerun Nighter ‘90 The Pennant League Data East Arcade
140 Hostages Piko Console
141 Human Cannonball™ Atari Console
142 Iron Commando Piko Console
143 Jaleco Rally Big Run: The Supreme 4WD Challenge Jaleco Arcade
144 Jim Power Piko Console
145 Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the tropics Data East Arcade
146 Joe & Mac Returns Data East Arcade
147 Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja Data East Arcade
148 Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja Data East Console
149 Judge Dredd 95 Jaleco Console
150 Jumpman Junior™ Coleco Console
151 Jungle Hunt Coleco Console
152 Kamikaze Cabbie / Yellow Cab Data East Arcade
153 Karate Champ Data East Arcade
154 Last Mission Data East Arcade
155 Legend Piko Console
156 Legend of Makai Jaleco Arcade
157 Liberator Atari Arcade
158 Little Lancelot Piko Console
159 Lock ‘n’ Chase Data East Arcade
160 Lock ‘n’ Chase™ Data East Console
161 Lucky Poker Data East Arcade
162 Lunar Lander Atari Arcade
163 Magic Girl / Spell Damsel Piko Console
164 Magical Drop / Chain Reaction Data East Arcade
165 Magical Drop III Data East Arcade
166 Major Havoc Atari Arcade
167 Maze Craze Atari Console
168 Meikyu Hunter G (The Real Ghostbusters) Data East Arcade
169 Mermaids of Atlantis: The Riddle of the Magic Bubble Piko Console
170 Metal Clash Data East Arcade
171 Metal Mech Piko Console
172 Midnight Resistance Data East Arcade
173 Millipede® Atari Arcade
174 Millipede® Atari Console
175 Miner 2049er™ Coleco Console
176 Miniature Golf Atari Console
177 Missile Command® Atari Arcade
178 Missile Command® Atari Console
179 Mission X Data East Arcade
180 Monte Carlo Atari Arcade
181 Montezuma’s Revenge™ Coleco Console
182 Motor City Patrol Piko Console
183 MotoRodeo Atari Console
184 Mountain Bike Rally Piko Console
185 Mountain King™ Coleco Console
186 Mr. Bloopy - Saves the World Piko Console
187 Ms. Space Fury Coleco Console
188 Mutant Fighters: Death Brade Data East Arcade
189 Naughty Boy Jaleco Arcade
190 Night Driver™ Atari Console
191 Night Slashers Data East Arcade
192 Night Star Data East Arcade
193 Nightshade Piko Console
194 Nova Blast™ Coleco Console
195 Off the Wall Atari Console
196 Oil’s Well™ Coleco Console
197 Omega Race™ Coleco Console
198 Outlaw™ Atari Console
199 P-47 Aces Jaleco Arcade
200 P-47: The Phantom Fighter Jaleco Arcade
201 Parallel Turn Jaleco Arcade
202 Pepper II™ Coleco Console
203 Peter Pepper’s Ice Cream Factory Data East Arcade
204 Pinbo Jaleco Arcade
205 Pinkie Piko Console
206 Plus Alpha Jaleco Arcade
207 Pong® Atari Arcade
208 Pool Shark Atari Arcade
209 Pop Flamer Jaleco Arcade
210 Power Piggs of the Dark Age Piko Console
211 Power Punch II Piko Console
212 Pro Bowling Data East Arcade
213 Pro Soccer Data East Arcade
214 Pro Tennis Data East Arcade
215 Psychic 5 Jaleco Arcade
216 Psycho-Nics Oscar Data East Arcade
217 Pyramids of Ra / Scarabeus Piko Console
218 Quadrun Atari Console
219 Quest for Quintana Roo™ Coleco Console
220 Race / Indy 500™ Atari Console
221 Radar Lock™ Atari Console
222 Radical Rex Piko Console
223 Realsports® Baseball Atari Console
224 Realsports® Basketball Atari Console
225 Realsports® Boxing Atari Console
226 Realsports® Football Atari Console
227 Realsports® Soccer Atari Console
228 Realsports® Tennis Atari Console
229 Realsports® Volleyball Atari Console
230 Red Baron Atari Arcade
231 Return to Haunted House Atari Console
232 Rod-Land Jaleco Arcade
233 Rolloverture™ Coleco Console
234 Rootin’ Tootin’ Data East Arcade
235 Saboteur® Atari Console
236 Saint Dragon Jaleco Arcade
237 Sammy Lightfoot™ Coleco Console
238 Saturn Jaleco Arcade
239 Save Mary Atari Console
240 Scrum Try Data East Arcade
241 Secret Agent / Sly Spy Data East Arcade
242 Secret Quest Atari Console
243 Shackled / Breywood Data East Arcade
244 Shoot Out Data East Arcade
245 Side Pocket Data East Arcade
246 Side Pocket Data East Console
247 Sir Lancelot™ Coleco Console
248 Sküljagger: Revolt of the Westicans Piko Console
249 Sky Diver Atari Arcade
250 Sky Diver Atari Console
251 Sky Fox Jaleco Arcade
252 Slot Machine Atari Console
253 Slot Racers Atari Console
254 Soccer Kid Piko Console
255 Space Duel Atari Arcade
256 Space Fury™ Coleco Console
257 Space Panic™ Coleco Console
258 Space War Atari Console
259 Spinmaster / Miracle Adventure Data East Arcade
260 Sprint Atari Arcade
261 Sprint Master Atari Console
262 Squirrel King Piko Console
263 Squish ‘Em Featuring Sam™ Coleco Console
264 Stadium Hero Data East Arcade
265 Stanley: The Search for Dr. Livingston Piko Console
266 Starship Atari Console
267 Steeplechase Atari Console
268 Stellar Track™ Atari Console
269 Street Racer Atari Console
270 Stunt Cycle Atari Console
271 Submarine Commander® Atari Console
272 Super Action Baseball Coleco Console
273 Super Action Boxing Coleco Console
274 Super Action Football Coleco Console
275 Super Baseball Atari Console
276 Super Birdie Rush Data East Arcade
277 Super Breakout® Atari Arcade
278 Super Breakout® Atari Console
279 Super Bug Atari Arcade
280 Super Burger Time Data East Arcade
281 Super Doubles Tennis Data East Arcade
282 Super Football Atari Console
283 Super Magician / Elf World Piko Console
284 Super Pool III Data East Arcade
285 Super Real Darwin Data East Arcade
286 Super Real Darwin (Darwin 4081) Data East Console
287 Super Star Wars Disney Console
288 Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Disney Console
289 Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Disney Console
290 Super™ Cross Force Coleco Console
291 Surround Atari Console
292 Switchblade Piko Console
293 Sword of Sodan Piko Console
294 SWORDQUEST® Earthworld Atari Console
295 SWORDQUEST® Fireworld Atari Console
296 SWORDQUEST® Waterworld Atari Console
297 Target Renegade Piko Console
298 Telly Turtle™ Coleco Console
299 Tempest® Atari Arcade
300 Tempest® Atari Console
301 Terranean Data East Arcade
302 Tetris® Tetris Console
303 Tetris® Plus Jaleco Arcade
304 Tetris® Plus 2 Jaleco Arcade
305 The Astyanax Jaleco Arcade
306 The Gadget Twins Piko Console
307 The Heist™ Coleco Console
308 The Humans Piko Console
309 The Immortal Piko Console
310 The Jungle Book Disney Console
311 The Lion King Disney Console
312 The Mutant Virus Piko Console
313 The Way of the Exploding Fist Piko Console
314 Threshold™ Coleco Console
315 Thunderbolt II Piko Console
316 Tinhead Piko Console
317 Tomarc the Barbarian™ Coleco Console
318 Top Racer Piko Console
319 Top Racer 2 Piko Console
320 Top Racer 3000 Piko Console
321 Tournament Pro Golf Data East Arcade
322 Tournament Tennis™ Coleco Console
323 Treasure Master Piko Console
324 Trio The Punch - Never Forget Me… Data East Arcade
325 Tron Disney Arcade
326 Tryout Data East Arcade
327 Tumble Pop Data East Arcade
328 Valtric Jaleco Arcade
329 Venture™ Coleco Console
330 Video Olympics Atari Console
331 Video Pinball Atari Console
332 War Room Coleco Console
333 Warlords® Atari Arcade
334 Warlords® Atari Console
335 Warpspeed Piko Console
336 Water Margin - The Tale of Clouds and Wind Piko Console
337 Wing War™ Coleco Console
338 Winner’s Cup Data East Arcade
339 Wizard Atari Console
340 Wizard Fire / Dark Seal II Data East Arcade
341 Wonder Planet Data East Arcade
342 World Grand Prix Pole to Finish / Al Unser Turbo Racing / Turbo Racing Data East Arcade
343 World Trophy Soccer Piko Console
344 Yars’ Return Atari Console
345 Yars’ Revenge® Atari Console
346 Zaviga Data East Arcade
347 Zaxxon™ Coleco Console
348 Zero Tolerance Piko Console
349 Zippy Bug Data East Arcade
350 Zombies Ate My Neighbors Disney Console
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Slaughter Theatre Part Two

I looked at the man with unwilling disdain, he was hardly the most approachable character. In the background I could see staff miserably toiling, the sun was hot, and the men looked dirty and overworked.
'So...' Fortyn Kildare insisted, 'Like I said. All the information about the murder was provided at the time. What exactly are you hoping to dig up now??'
‘Well there’s nothing TO dig up’ I smiled, ‘The body was dumped in plain sight. I don’t really need any information about the death Mr Kildare. Have you had anyone suspicious working on your staff in the past two years?’ ‘As I told the bloody cops—’ Fortyn cursed; ‘Every cunt that works here is suspect. We’re working twelve hour days here Mr investigator. Don’t suspect you know what this kind of work is like, but this isn’t exactly the best job out there. We attract all kinds here.’
I had to squint temporarily from the glare of the sun bouncing off a metal girder.
‘Don’t you have some kind of a union Mr Kildare?’. Fortyn glared menacingly, then leant over to speak more softly; ‘Too right we do. Matter of fact, there’s been a lot of action lately. Just like the old days you know. Well, they’re trying to pull a shifty on the working class again.’ ‘Oh yeah, really?’ I prompted. ‘Damn straight it is…Ever since Howard’s work choices, these new contractual cheats, you can sign a form that agrees to just about anything. They’ve got fake companies set up to take care of the unions, and we’re all working twelve hours. If you complain they’ll send you off site, or sack you. My great, great grandfather was there at the rallies— back in 1856 —when the Stonemasons won the eight hour day you know. They think they can pull the wool over our eyes, but we’re regrouping. Just like the old days, down at the docks. In the casino’s. The Unions are coming back. You better fuckin’ believe it—— What’s wrong with that eh?’
I could see that Fortyn Kildare was not going to be particularly helpful, and his tangent interests showed pretty clearly that he knew absolutely nothing about the murder. I didn’t want to waste my ten minutes, before Pex escorted from the premises, but I asked Kildare one last question for good measure, ‘Have you ever heard about Slaughter Theatre— Mr Kildare?’ The ocker man almost spat the words ‘NO!’ at me, and I quickly consoled the impatient mullet donning gruff that I wasn’t going to take up any more of his time; ‘Thanks for your help’.
I walked slowly in a maudlin fashion back towards the front fences, as other tradies had begun hollering and leering at me….trudging over dirt and loose stones. I couldn’t think of much else to look at, the exhausted workers around me didn’t seem worth bothering. My own inner monologue was echoing the sentiment expressed by Drendyl Pex— that this pursuit was little more than a wild donkey chase. A mad conspiracy theory. Nonetheless, what Pex had said about the two crimes displaying traits of a potential serial killer had got me thinking, and I realised I needed to get home and do some more research on the press surrounding the Alice Goddard murder.
As I was walking out the gate, I noticed the receptionist, (who was apparently not a receptionist) smoking a cigarette out on the street, and my sleuth’s intuition told me it was worth staying for one last round of questioning. I approached her calmly. ‘Let me guess, Vogue menthol thins.’ The woman turned, breathing out smoke and pouting, the thin white cigarette in her hand fell down to her side; ‘How did you guess?’ She asked. ‘Ex smokers hunch.’ I replied, ‘I have a sixth sense when it comes to horoscopes and cigarette brands. It comes with constant investigation. You get to know people’s types.’ ‘Is that right?’ The woman responded amused but cynical, ‘What star sign am I then?’ ‘Judging from what i’ve seen of you’ I said thoughtfully, ‘I’d say Gemini, there’s more to you than there seems.’ The woman raised her eyebrow, partially impressed; “May twenty. Just off the mark Mr Dronefire. But you were close. My mother always told me I was a cusp Taurus.’ ‘Ms Weabley isn’t it?’ I checked. ‘Lisa’ she replied, holding out her hand in an informal re-greeting. ‘Mr Pex tells me you work in occupational health and safety here. So you must have a pretty good handle on what’s occurred on and off this site.’ ‘Listen Mr Dronefire, you really ought to speak to Mr Pex in regards to—‘ ’Mr Pex told me I could speak to you, I assure you, this place is not under investigation. Actually I was just wondering if you’d ever seen a film crew working on the site. Maybe a stupid question.’ ‘Huh?’, Lisa changed her tone drastically, ’Now…. why would you ask that?’ ‘I’m trying to track down someone who may have shot a video here.’ I continued, ‘You have had a film crew here then?’
‘Yes. I mean…’ Ms Weabley stuttered and thought for a moment, she had a strangely compelling face, especially when deep in thought, mousey blond hair falling over her creased forehead… ‘We do promotional marketing. Social media videos.. and….’ ‘—Would you have had any film crew in the yards any time near July last year?’ I asked. ‘Yes.’ Lisa replied anxiously, ‘We were particularly active mid last year, then it slowed down, didn’t film anything September till Christmas.’ ‘Do you have a regularly production crew you work with?’ ‘Not right now….No…but…’ Lisa contemplated it, ‘We did have a specific crew back then. Sure. Hey… I can send you the production call sheet with the contacts of everyone who worked on those jobs, will that help?’ ‘Brilliant, yes. Thank you Ms Weabley.’ We exchanged contact details and I returned to my car, shortly I was back in the air conditioning of my Valiant Charger, on the road for an afternoon drink in Fitzroy. I had a taste for that rum Mr Pex had given me, and managed to track one down at the old rum house, Gunnery white spiced. Seven rums later and the investigation had pleasantly left my mind.
Dreams of falling men in suits, alien flowers and twisting vines tangled in a web. Monday morning and my paranoia was back in full force, when the email from Lisa Weabley showed up in my inbox.
The call sheet Ms Weabley sent was amateurish and brief, but it did give me a list of people to call.
I spent that morning dialling numbers. There was no director listed, which I found marginally strange. The cameraman, Mark Virafi must have changed his number in the past year, because the number listed on the call sheet had a disconnected Telstra message, or it was bad data entry. Next on the list was an editor, by the name of Lumborg Hames. I didn’t get through the first or second time I called. Left a bunch of voice mail messages and texts, and finally got a call back around lunch time. He was a very softly spoken guy, definitely your introverted, creative type. I told him a simple version of my background to the case, and he agreed to meet up for a chat in a Richmond cafe. He lived on Gwynne St in Cremorne, down towards the water. From my understanding it was only a short distance from Stephenson Street where notorious criminal Dennis Allen once lived.
I met with Lumborg Hames on Tuesday. I was sitting in the Red Dog cafe, and i’d grown starving before Mr Hames arrived, so I ordered a big breakfast. When Lumborg arrived I was hoeing into a bacon and hash brown sandwich covered in baked beans. Mr Hames stood awkwardly around for a while, looking back and forth nervously until I noticed him and called out; ‘Mr Hames?’.
He was a big guy, very wide in girth, having what some might describe as a ‘neck beard’, a fluffy coating over numerous chins, and his beady-but-kind eyes looked out of round glasses. He was wearing the sort of cheesy comedy T-shirt you might have found at Granny May’s in the nineties, text said something dumb like ‘Whatever you want. The answer is NO’. Lumborg nervously sat in front of me, and I apologised for ordering before he arrived, but he told me in his wafting soft voice that he had already eaten. When the waitress came over he ordered a coffee, and I followed his lead. ‘Thanks for coming Mr Hames, I do appreciate you giving me your time. I know you're probably a busy editor.’ ‘Not really’ Lumborg confessed, almost too candidly, ‘I work freelance, between jobs at the moment, so…..i’ve got time.’ There was an awkward silence, where I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to feign empathy, or just pretend like his job insecurity was normal. Luckily Lumborg quickly broke the silence; ‘Sooo…. You want to know about when I was working at the Three Vertice construction company I guess?’ ’Sort of…’ I replied, not even a hundred percent sure what I was doing myself here yet;
‘But first… humour me… Have you ever heard of something called ‘Slaughter Theatre’ Mr Hames?’ The robust and timid man, suddenly perked up in his seat, his large belly almost jiggling somewhat, ‘Ha… well I didn’t think this chat would get so interesting so quickly. Sure, I know about the trilogy. I work in production, it’s like workers lore.’ ‘You think it’s real?’ I asked directly, feeling my way into Mr Hames psychological profile. ‘Pssssh…No.’ Hames said, ‘If only. No……i’ve never seen any of the alleged footage if that’s what you’re asking. Although i’ve heard plenty of rumours,…worked with people who claim to have seen it…worked on it….’ ‘Interesting. When you were working at Three Vertice construction company did anyone mention Slaughter Theatre?’ I continued... ‘Huh?’ Hames looked at me curiously, ‘Funny you should ask that. Well…first up.. I should tell you, I never actually went to Three Vertice Construction yards.' 'What?' 'I was working on editing some test filming they were doing, that much is true. But everything I did was based out of Hapless Creative Studios in Brunswick. That’s the production company who outsourced freelance editors for the Three Vertice job. I mean, I saw a lot of the construction yards, I watched the same footage about a million times over, you know. But physically I never set foot there.’ ‘Right,’ I said, not having considered this, ‘But you were in contact with other production staff? You must have dealt with Mark Virafi, the cameraman, at least…. i’m guessing?’ ‘Oh sure. Mark came in all the time, to give me the SD cards with the footage on them… you know…’ ‘It’s funny’, I said, ‘I couldn’t get through to him, Mark, I mean…do you know if he’s changed his number?’ ‘I haven’t spoken to Mark in over a year, actually….I ….heard something ….happened to him….. earlier in the year. A car accident or something.’ I tried to trace my line of reasoning for being here, had to keep drilling if I was going to hit oil; ‘What about Drendyl Pex, did you ever meet him?’ ‘The Director?’ Lumborg asked? ‘No…' I replied skeptically, 'The owner….. of Three Vertice Construction.’ ‘Oh…. right…’ Lumborg gave a strange look, ‘To be honest, the moment you asked me about Slaughter Theatre my mind went somewhere else. See the truth is, I…… I did have massive conversations about Slaughter Theatre whilst I was working on the construction videos. You…probably… should speak to my friend Ted Stevens… my understanding… he’s worked for …Mr…Pex quite a bit in the past— in fact that’s how I got the job at TVC in the first place. Ted lives in Richmond not far from here, I can take you round to his place, i’ve been meaning to visit him for a while—to see if he’s got any work going—‘ ‘That would be great.. Do you think you could call him now?’ ‘Sure…. um…’ Lumborg was strangely and increasingly hesitant, pulling out his old school mobile phone, then pausing and lowering it again; ‘…you’re not squeamish or anything are you?’ ‘How do you mean?’ I asked. ‘Well— it’s just. Ted, and his partner, the company they run….. well it’s kind of a porn company. There’s a good chance they’ll be filming and…. well I just wouldn’t want you to feel weird about—‘ ’That’s fine— I have no problem with that…‘
That afternoon turned out to bear strange fruits indeed. I drove, whilst Lumborg directed me to the house, (and home office studio) of Ted Stevens and Dorothy Lench, an odd and highly eccentric Melbourne couple I was about to learn way more about than I ever bargained for. They lived on a fairly well to do street of Richmond, with nice terrace houses lining the leafy streets. As we left the vehicle Lumborg told me that he had called Ted, and they were expecting me, but he suddenly grew strangely timid, and it took a moment to draw it out of him, he was anxious about being on a pornography set, and wanted to know if it was ok if he left me to it. Of course, I consented him to depart, and shortly I was knocking on the strange ornate door, with the delicately carved metal knocker shaped like the logo for the 1992 ‘Bram Stoker Dracula’ film.
I heard shuffling footsteps slowly coming to the door, and finally the mahogany opened to reveal a strange man, with a quiff of black hair with a grey streak, a pink nightgown, slightly open to reveal a hairy chest…. and bunny slippers; ‘Oh helloooo…. you must be Mr Dronefire? I’ve just been speaking to Lumborg…’ the man observed. ’Ted Stevens?’ I asked confounded, not expecting a man of this…. calibre to answer the door. ‘Marvelous…. an actual private investigator… what a fantastic character study..’ Ted said… ‘We have P.I’s in our productions all the time, but i’ve never met a real one… Dorothy? Dorothy?? You have to come and meet our real life— Private Dick…’ A feminine voice called out from a room far down the long hallway, and shortly thereafter a bright, and sprightly figure hopped and scampered down the hallway, she was wearing a costume straight out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, puffy red skirt and fishnet stockings. Dorothy Lench had far less enthusiasm in her face however, she pouted mysteriously, but her eyes scrunched up in a kind of scowl. ‘Whadda we need a P.I for? We’re shooting a bleedin’ outback scene, it’s a bloody desert fuck…not a noir….’ ‘Im terribly sorry..’ I interjected, ‘I hope i’m not interrupting your work. I’m doing some inquiries into an urban legend surrounding a series of videos——’ ’Oooh fuck me…’ Dorothy burst out laughing, ‘He is a real Private Dick isn’t he. Mandy, what’d’you think of our new Dick?’ A voluptuous blonde, naked from the waist up, with thick, heavenly hair bobbing around her shoulders was now walking up the hallway. I felt my eyes drop nervously to the floor, enchanted by the bare woman’s beauty, as she came closer, her features grew more and more recognisable. Ted meanwhile had draped a long, fluffy scarf around me like he was decorating a christmas tree, his large grin showed an innate mischieviousness, and the freckles on his face added to this impishness; ‘Forgive us, we get terribly excited when we have guests on set. Production can be very stressful, you understand, we work hard, we play hard. Now Mandy, I think you are making our friend here VERY hard.’ I blushed, unable to contain my secret awareness silent; ‘Forgive me. uh….madam… But you’re Mandy, from the “Mandy is randy Down Under” series, aren’t you?’ I blushed. ‘Mandy Thumbridge.’ The buxom blonde stated proudly, ‘You’re a fan of my work?’ ‘I’m aware of the—’ I confessed. ‘Oh come now—‘ Ted scolded, leaping about the room like a mad pixie, ‘Be honest young man, it’s ok to admit to watching pornography. Besides this woman is an artist. You needn’t be ashamed to confess that you like art. Need you now?’ ‘She’s a wonderful actress’ I allowed. ’She’s a goddess` Ted elaborated, ‘All we school boys can do is worship, at the altar of Venus…’ as Ted Spoke, Dorothy Lench had returned to the room carrying an actual carving of the Greek Goddess, placing it in the centre of the hallway, the two mad producers then proceeded to dance around the statue in their grotesque costumes. Mandy Thumbridge, the porn star, meanwhile crossed her arms over her bare chest and turned a mocking expression and lippy pout. She was pure eroticism, I found I had to avert my gaze continually.
Ted was evidently quite high, and had become totally distracted, both from his work, and from my investigation, and he was now completely absorbed in his strange ritualistic dance around the statue of Venus. As he chanted, and mimicked cliche native American gestures, he murmured strange turns of phrase, which sounded as though they had come out of an abandoned script for some demented horror production; ‘Gods, pixies and elves, dancers on the periphery of our imagination, we are married to the Goddess of lust, bring us our givings, before ol’ Cronus, god of time cuts our days short, and ends this marvellous Saturnalia, ho….hum… ho…hum…. Shiva the destroyer, grant us this day of sin….’ ‘Excuse me—‘ I interrupted, quite fed up with the parlour games, ‘I certainly don’t want to rain on your parade, but i’m afraid the reason for my visit is a rather sombre one. I’m investigating two murders which occurred in the last two years.’ Ted and Dorothy stopped their joyous dance, and came to a standstill, as Mandy scrambled to put on a bra. ‘Well… that’s a bit of a buzzkill, isn’t it?’ Ted scoffed. ‘Mr Stevens’ I asked impatiently, ‘Are you aware of rumours surrounding a snuff video known as ‘Slaughter Theatre’ or the Slaughter Theatre trilogy. A cold expression suddenly took over everyone’s faces, Ted grimaced and Dorothy began to lurk in the background. ‘Well…. of course we have…. Mandy learned about death that way, didn’t you babe?’ Ted commented rather coldly and cruelly. The beautiful Miss Thumbridge suddenly burst into tears, and covered her face with her hands, retreating to one of the other rooms. I could gather the momentum to do little else than stare spellbound.
‘I’m afraid that’s a rather sore subject matter Mr Dick’ said Ted, as he and Dorothy fell into a faux traumatic hug with one another.
I indicated with a gesture that I was going to follow Miss Thumbridge and ask her some questions; ‘Do you mind if I—‘ Dorothy and Ted both waved their hands as if to tie their hands from it, ‘Go ahead’ Ted said anxiously.
As I walked down the hallway I could see a large production set in the far room, filled with cardboard cutouts of cactuses and other cliche desert backgrounds. I could hear sobbing emanating from one of the side rooms, and moved to open the door. The room I entered was also decked out as a kind of film set; a science fiction style scene of alien geography of a foreign planet, with a lush queen sized bed out of place in the middle of the mars-like terrain. The walls and roof were black, with recognisable stars and planets in the background. Mandy was sitting on the expensive pink bed and weeping profoundly. I was relieved to see that she had covered up.
I sat next to her on the bed; ‘Miss Thumbridge’ I said gently, ‘I’m very sorry that you obviously have something deeply sad which has affected you. But I must push you, as two young women have been murdered, and anything you know about this snuff trilogy may help get to the bottom of the crimes.’ Mandy looked up through large, manga eyes, her face flushed and covered in tears; ‘Of course I want to help’ she sobbed. ‘You obviously have some kind of story about this.. you worked on—‘ ‘— I don’t know if it was a body… you see all kinds of things on set. You don’t always ask questions. Especially when you’re a naughty picture actress. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a real part, where you don’t have to take your top off and perform oral sex, y’know?’ ‘What pictures are you talking about Mandy?’ I asked, ‘You feel like you saw something unusual on one of the sets you worked on?’ ‘I don’t really feel comfortable talking about it’ Mandy looked down coyly. ‘Just give me something to work on Mandy, anything? The name of the people who filmed you. Something…’ I begged. ’It was…. i’m sorry… i’m sorry… I can’t… Talk to Ted and Dorothy… they know as much as me…. please….’ Mandy burst into tears again, and I rubbed her back consolingly, then quietly, I departed the bizarre outer-space set.
Ted and Dorothy were now sitting on couches in the main foyer, their body language had become closed and they were no longer happy or enthusiastic looking. I walked into the centre of the foyer, trying to appear vulnerable. ‘Mandy is very upset, but she seems to think that the two of you might be in a better position to tell me about whatever compromising scenario she was placed in on one of the sets.’ Ted looked at Dorothy with appreciable mental strain, both were not liking the angle of questioning, so I tried to take an alternate route to the destination, interrupting their thoughts; ‘You two are married, or in an open relationship? I don’t mean to pry….’ The question worked perfectly, exactly as I had hoped. The two clearly thrived on sexual controversy, and loved nothing more than to gloat their eccentricities to a conservative audience; ‘Typical assumption you’d expect from a CIS white male, unfortunately Ted and I don’t fit so neatly into your census form boxes.’ ‘My partner Dorothy identifies as gender fluid, bisexual,’ Ted said proudly and pretentiously; ‘And as for myself, I mostly prefer the description of Pan——sexual, if one must have a sexual tag-line at all. I’d suggest that your prejudiced question itself was an act of violence… but no doubt you’d brand me a social justice warrior, and jump online with your white supremacist friends, or bring your thug cronies around to lynch us, or brand us satanic pornographers and call the police.’ ‘Mr Stevens, I meant no offence.’ I said, ‘I only ask, because i’m interested in Mandy. Do you often participate in the sexual acts in your films yourselves? Is Mandy frequently called to engage with unknown actors or actresses.’ ‘Everything we do at our studio is extremely safe…’ Ted snapped, my plan was working, ‘We have never compromised our actors or actresses, or made them do anything that wasn’t stated clearly in their contracts when they agreed to work… as for other studios, Pex and his crew… I have no responsibility for what happens.’ ‘I’m sorry…’ I asked, ‘Drendyl Pex?’ ‘Sure.’ Ted said without thinking, ‘You didn’t know he was a director? Surely you must have realised that Three Vertice Construction was a front for other business ventures.’ ‘Drendyl Pex works in the porn industry?’ I asked. ‘Drendyl Pex runs the porn industry…’ Ted affirmed with vitriol. ‘And Mandy, she’s worked for Drendyl…’ ‘Listen….’ Ted said standing up, ‘I’m very happy to help a friend of Lumborg Hames, but I don’t think i’m going to be able to help much more with your line of questioning.’
Slowly, but surely, Ted escorted me to the front door, as Dorothy ignored me, and sobbing still reverberated through walls —from the other room.
I left the Stevens house feeling even more highly strung and on edge.
The next few months were an all consuming blur, fully strung up on the case, I investigated every avenue of intrigue I could. I spoke to countless people in the creative industry who were inadvertently linked to Drendyl Pex. There were many rumours and bizarre stories about the eccentric secret head of the vice industry in Australia. Legends had Drendyl Pex known to wear velvet capes, and strange masks during his directorial stints, orgies and wild parties.
I spoke to someone who had worked on scripts for Drendyl Pex’s production company, the bizarre horror stories had grotesqueries straight out of the Grand Guignol. Every mention of the plots created by Pex’s crew, never failed to embellish the perversity, utter distastefulness and horrendously realistic gore depicted in the films.
Nonetheless, I grew tired of all the hapless hearsay. So many accounts presented the facts of the trilogy, as something that could and had been found, countless times, in second hand stores or on the shelves of private VHS collectors. So I began to spend my weekends trawling through garage sales all over Melbourne, I called private collectors, searching through their immense VHS and DVD collections. I met the owners of ex-video store rentals, went to reverse garbage yards and pawn shops, but never once came across the mysterious VHS tape emblazoned with red letters.
I knew I was getting close to the truth, but something about the things I was learning made me abysmally afraid. Another strange occurrence happened when I showed up at a media industry party. I had attended the event only because I knew certain people who were connected to Pex’s alleged productions were going to be there. Ted Stevens brother was there, Gerald, a producer, also a number of actors who had worked in the same pornography films as Mandy Thumbridge.
It was a costume party, rave, in a secret nightclub decked out in the third floor of the heritage-listed, historic, Royal Exhibition building. As I walked through highly intoxicated and drug addled crowds at the rave I was awestruck by the bizarre costumes and ornate antique decorations adorning the hall. I passed a couple dressed as Azaria Chamberlain and a full-sized man-dingo costume, then came a group of Australian Prime ministers, their intricate plastic masks were quite impressive; Bob Hawke, Robert Menzies, Gough Whitlam. Electronic music played as I walked through the crowds, trying to observe whilst still blending in, a group of drunken louts had noticed me and were laughing and pointing, their costumes; a biker, a soldier, an indigenous warrior and a doctor —resembled a kind of Village People ensemble, all the while strobe lights provided a sinister ambience. One of the girls the village people men were with was wearing a Madonna style cone shaped bra, and was drawing a lot of hollering, wolf whistling and attention towards her. Meanwhile, a g-string donning Hitler was sitting on the bar, bearing fishnet stocking clad legs and talking to a group dressed as the Bali Bombers, and behind them there seemed to be the entrance to a much seedier part of the club.
I had seen Gerald Stevens earlier, along with other producers and creatives, but many of them had disappeared, and I began to think that perhaps Pex’s creatives were lurking somewhere out in the back of the club. I wasn’t sure if I would be permitted to enter, sure enough, as I tried to make my way, a solid looking gentleman dressed all in black blocked my way. ’Sorry sir, it’s invite only in our VIP section’. I tried the only argument that sprung to mind ‘I work for Drendyl Pex’ I said as confidently as I could. This actually seemed to work. The man barely questioned it at all, stepping aside and allowing me to pass through without identification.
What I found beyond the gates was more extreme and otherworldly than I had foreseen. The guests were similarly clad in outrageous costume, but there was much less casual reverie, and a lot more bizarre ritual in the back rooms. A woman dressed as an S&M fetishist whipped a cut-covered man dressed as Jesus on the cross. A group of Australian convicts with their legs bound in iron chains were similarly whipped by naked porn stars. Beyond the arches of the room, more pornography was being filmed on old style cameras. There were elaborate glass cubes attached to the ceiling, acting as erotic dance stages, where strippers holding multiple machine guns entertained jeering men beneath. My mind focussed in on a particular corner of the room, which was decked out like a gothic castle, sitting on red leather chairs, a group of men dressed as army officers were harassing a young and innocent looking school girl, who didn’t seem a natural fit to the scenes of debauchery around her.
I approached the soldiers cautiously, eaves-dropping on their conversation with the innocent looking girl. At first the conversation seemed typical enough, the soldiers egging the girl on, trying to persuade her into participate in something, perhaps some kind of illicit act. ‘Come on, please.’ They taunted and begged. But then a more sinister undertone came across in the conversation, that the nature of what the men wanted the girl to participate in became all the more menacing. Wether or not the suggested role play was linked to anything I had learned or not, suggestions that the girl be the soldiers ‘sacrifice’ to the god of dark matter, was more than I could take.
I shortly intervened, grabbing the girl by the arm and escorting her out of the strange party. She was annoyed at first, almost struggling, but later she seemed relieved I had given her the means to escape the uncomfortable scenario. Her name was Wendy Soames. I felt astoundingly like an overbearing father figure, but as I probed the girl about what the men had wanted her to do, and she explained that they were trying to get her to film herself being naked and being sacrificed in some sort of mock snuff film, I felt relieved I had acted as I did. I helped the girl to a cab, and solemnly contemplated things.
Back at home that night, I found even more to dwell upon.
I had been re-examining the files given to me by my private client. It was part of an old case I had been working on, the client who had wanted me to look into the murder in St Kilda was the same client who had wanted me to investigate a corrupt police officer by the name of Kenny Lothar. They were paying big money. What I was looking at now, was evidence that suggested a link between Kenny Lothar and Officer Barrington, my police contact, given that Barrington had supplied me with the details about Drendyl Pex, this was all starting to induce my paranoia. Could Barrington be linked to the exact police corruption he was adamantly preaching about? I had also found evidence that Pex was only a small time player in something much bigger, that he was on the payroll of very high income corporate players in Australia and abroad, big American media and gambling personalities, tycoons worth more than the Packers.
I had the most dreadful sense of peripeteia.
Rushing out that night, I had to learn the truth, had to find more information about Drendyl Pex, and his seedy company.
I knew I had to drive out to the construction site in Footscray that night. Which is precisely what I did.
The lines on the highway flew by in ominous and precise beats. A pyramid of tarmac stretched out endlessly before me.
Finally I arrived at Three Vertice construction.
Scaling the fence, I entered the empty yards, resolving to break into any of Pex’s various office spaces and search for some convincing evidence that rumours about Pex were true.
The yards were dark, and shadows played tricks on my mind. In a stark moment I was sure I had seen a masked and cloaked figure swish by in the darkness towards a precarious tower overlooking the tallest hills of the yard.
I broke into the trailer I had been in with Pex previously, rifling through drawers and sacking cupboards, but I found little of interest. Wherever Pex kept his paperwork, it wasn’t here.
Finding nothing, the strange tower on the hill returned to my memory, and possessed or infantile I walked zombie like back down the muddy slopes towards the silhouetted tower against the near full moon.
Quickly and anxiously my hands found the steel rungs of the ladder, and the clinking metal echoed as I climbed.
I tried hard not to look down at the long drop, into the oddly placed vat of wet cement beneath me. Continuing up the rungs of the tower, until I was nearly at the top. Finally I met my destiny, climbing into the dark space at the top of the tower.
I could see nothing in the darkness. Hear nothing, but my heart palpitating in my chest, and my heavy breath rasping wildly.
I felt the pain, before I heard the sound. It all happened so quickly, my thoughts only registered three facts; my fingers covered in blood as I reached at the holes in my chest. The darkness, no face, nothing visible — except the silver ---of a police issued handgun, shining in the darkness.
I was already unconscious by the time my plummeting body hit the wet cement beneath. Sinking into oblivion.
Read more of the exploits of Pharlap Dronefire P.I here; https://www.reddit.com/libraryofshadows/comments/7izl7a/the_melbourne_ritual/
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